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WHAT a PAIN in the NECK ~Seriously!
Posted 8/31/2011 12:00:00 AM

You know my Momma has always said to me...."Melanie, you never do anything half @$$!"  And she is Right!  But, of course she was always referring to my goofy mistakes...that always ended with an accident in some way, shape or form!  Granted, I like to think she also meant my "over-achieving" ways!  But, this particular truly means my notorious goofy self!

 So last night I was in a nice deep sleep...and for some reason I rolled over.  Upon, doing so I heard something POP in my neck!  And I remember in my sleep going "Well, that’s not a good sound."  But, I thought you know just lay here...and I'm sure when you get up you'll feel better!  YEAH, NO!!!  I could hardly get out of bed!  Seriously!  I was waving my arms & begging my husband, who was completely "sympathetic" to my injury, to help me up!  Did you catch on to the sarcasm!  He could not stop laughing at me...yes even as he was helping me get up…and get dress...brush my teeth, put my shoes on, make my lunch...he even helped me do my make-up & my hair!  So he kind of redeemed himself after laughing at me!  I have NO idea how I was sleeping...but seriously I NEVER want to sleep that way again!!! 

Of course pain like this means a trip to my chiropractor, Dr. Kirkpatrick!  He is like a beach bum who wants world peace!  Totally groovy & like so funny!  Plus, he is just really good!  Of course he took one look at how pathetic I looked, shook his head and went “Whoa, you look really bad!”  If I could’ve rolled my eyes and NOT be in pain I would have!  But, in true Melanie fashion, I just went “You don’t say…”  Needless to say, he adjusted me, then helped me sit up & said “I’m gonna give it to you strait…”  At this point I was thinking I was at the wrong doctor’s office!  But, then he continued with…”this is probably the worst case I’ve seen.”  Yup!  Momma’s words came rushing back into my head…and she is right, I NEVER do anything half @$$!!  So of course I asked if this was worthy of at least a plaque with my picture on the wall.  Leave it to me and my sense of humor to help ease the pain!  But hey it worked!!  Not only did Dr. Kirkpatrick chuckle but he also agreed to it!!  So even though I was making a wise crack at least I get something to commemorate my pain with!!!

I was given strict instructions to ICE…NO HEAT on my neck, 30 minutes on and an hour to an hour in a half off.  And of course exercises!  ICK!!!  Or Ouch would be a better word!  So like a good patient I am doing just that…and counting down the hours until I go back!  Which reminds me…I need to take a pic for my plaque…here’s one from this morning!  What do you think?  Is this a good one?    

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