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What DOES your FAVORITE Halloween CANDY say about your personality?!?
Posted 10/18/2011 11:34:00 AM

HA HA!!!  I tried this out on Val & Scott in the Morning....and it was TRUE!!!! 

So here is the break down!  See if it is true for you! 

REESE's Peanut Butter Cups (SCOTT's FAV) - GREEDY!!! You love to eat and there's NO chance you're sharing your candy!


SNICKER'S (Val's FAV) - Very Popular, Friendly & Approachable, lively, sweet playful, good company & an ideal best friend!


GUMMY BEAR'S (MY FAV) - Total Goofball, silly most of the time, you live to make people laugh, most likes to play with your food!


M&M's - Energetic, full of inspiration, a true visionary, you love living and you stay open to going wherever life takes you!


BUTTERFINGER'S - A smooth character, charming, the type of person who can get away with anything!


JELLY BEAN'S - generous, open minded, colorful, unpredictable, fun, not judgmental!


TWIX - a generous caring person, soft hearted,  you're the type who needs a partner, fragile, and you tend to be a pushover, very sensitive!


CANDY CORN- very strange, stranger than most realize at first, quite quirky, bright, bold, and simply happy!


TWIZZLER'S - you have a short attention span, total kid at heart, drawn toward anything fun, loves to eat candy!


NERD'S- no doubt about it you're a geek, a bit off in appearances, still cute, don't care what others think about you, definitely one of a kind!

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