Middays with Melanie

It was a rainy Sunday morning in late January of 19 something, when the world was forever changed for the better, as my Momma says!  She said the most beautiful redhead was born,  and the world would never be the same!!!  I was a good kid, for the most part-well the parts she knew of!  I think Daddy only had to use the guitar strap a few times.   So that means I either remembered what it felt like or I only got “caught” a few times!  I grew up right here in SW Fl.  And so did the majority of my family. Oh yeah it was hard to go anywhere without someone saying, “Hey aren’t you Art & Joy’s daughter?”  I would either hang my head down, as I just got busted being somewhere, doing something or hanging with someone or I would smile and say as proud as could “yes, sir, that’s me!”  In fact most of my family graduated from North Fort Myers High School-GO Red Knights, I guess we are one of those families that have some deep roots!  I wouldn’t change growing up here for anything!  I have the most amazing family God could bless anyone with and my friends are dear to me.  Although, I am a “Florida Cracker”, I did spread my wings and fly the coop when I was fresh out of high school.  I moved to Nashville, no, not with dreams of singing but to work for a radio station.  You see I started working in radio when I was 15.  I believe it was truly destiny that gave me my start and has helped me pave my path in life.  I mean really, how could it not?  I was answering the phones in the principal’s office my freshman year at North when a local radio station called.  I “just so happened” to be their biggest fan and later that afternoon I was walking out of the station with a job!  Now mind you my first job was working every Saturday out at their remote broadcasts dressing up in their mascot costume!  But I learned quickly that the mascot costume got me backstage to some cool concerts, was way “cooler” than some of my friend’s jobs and most importantly it got me one step closer to being the “DJ!”  After a few years a proving myself and lots of practice talking in Mr. O’Donnell’s math class, I go my chance!  And then from then on there was no stopping me!  Like I said before, I took my radio dreams to Nashville and then out to Colorado Springs.  Colorado was gorgeous, but it was too COLD for me!!!  I did manage to say out there for 2 years, but by then frost bite had kicked in and I needed to thaw out, so I went to the warmest place I know….HOME!!!  Since returning in 2005 I have married my best friend, Danny!  And we have the most beautiful daughter!  She is not only extremely smart, but also hilarious!  “Missy Moo,” as we call her, have taught us life’s most precious lesson, unconditional love!
I have been given an amazing opportunity to work with some incredibly talented people here at Gator Country 101.9 and I am blessed to still be living my dream!  Thank you for checking out my page.  I would love to hear from you!  You can send me an email at or hit me up on or twitter at MellEmel or if you can’t reach me with anyone of those there’s always good old fashion calling (239) 498-1019!  Talk to you every Monday through Friday from 10a – 2p!!!

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