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It was a rainy Sunday morning in late January of 19 something, when the world was forever changed for the better, as her Momma says!  She grew up right here in SW Fl.  And so did the majority of my family. 

Although, she is  a “Florida Cracker”, she  did spread her wings and fly the coop when she  was fresh out of high school.  She moved to Nashville, no, not with dreams of singing but to work for a radio station.  She started working in radio when she was 15. Answering the phones in the principal’s office her freshman year at North is when a local radio station called.  I “just so happened” to be their biggest fan and later that afternoon I was walking out of the station with a job!  Now mind you her first job was working every Saturday out at their remote broadcasts dressing up in their mascot costume! But she learned quickly that the mascot costume got her backstage to some cool concerts, and was way “cooler” than some of her friend’s jobs and most importantly it got me one step closer to being the “DJ!” 

She took her radio dreams to Nashville and then out to Colorado Springs.  Colorado was gorgeous, but it was too COLD! After two years she needed to thaw out, so she  went to the warmest place she  knows….HOME!!!  Since returning in 2005 she  married my best friend, Danny and had  the  most beautiful daughter!
Scott Fish was born in Winter Haven, Florida (that's up in Polk county) YES, HE REALLY is a FLORIDA NATIVE and PROUD of it!
After high school he attended college at UNC-Greenboro and then decided to embark on a career in radio. He has worked in Greensboro, Las Vegas, West Palm Beach, Cleveland, Detroit before finding a home at WWGR in FT. Myers. 
As a devoted dad, his personal goal is to be the best dad possible and that’s why when you ask him who is his favorite actress or actor, he will tell you it is his kids in home movies.  
When Sunday’s you will find this die hard fan cheering on his Miami Dolphins, and when they are not playing you can find him either taking his kids to the beach, boating, scuba diving, fishing or hitting the golf course.
Scott will listen to all types of music (except the stuff they play in elevators) but his favorite singers are Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert. 

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The Nitty Gritty from Music City

6:10am and 8:10am - We find out what's happening with all your favorite country stars.


Mystery Movie

6:20am - Correctly identify the movie clip to win a great prize.


7:10am - True stories of criminals and crazy individuals making news headlines.


Battle Of The Sexes
8:20am - Guess correctly if the wacky factoid is over or under and win a great prize.




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